Today's Technology With Past Experience

Yenimak Machine, although a newly established structure, Yasin and Yalcin Karadere brothers who are the founders of the experience and knowledge that fruit as a result of the long years progress rapidly under the leadership. Yenimak Makina is a company that designs its own models in a computer environment and not only designs the machines created by using the latest technology software but also organizes the production and supply chain, provides sales and technical service services.

With our creative designs, we show how much importance and lasting support we give to R & D. We are sure to contribute to the sector with our innovative products such as our mainly plastic thermoform packaging and cover production machines, as well as our services, spare parts services and designs that can stretch according to the original needs in our production.

With the high-level quality and service approach we offer, we are not only aiming to sell a machine to our customers, but also aim to provide a progressive business principle that will live together and respond to the needs of our customers. Thanks to the competencies our collaborators have in this sector, we are able to support our customers with high quality solutions at competitive prices and have taken our place in this market.