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All Thermoforming Machine series in our product line designed completely by Yenimak R&D engineers are capable of production of disposable plastic bowls, plates, trays, caps, self-lidded containers, viol, vegetables and fruit cups etc.

These machines are designed for the production technique with the optimum cost mould system.

whether in the food or non-food sector, and are versatile for materials such as PET, PP, PS, PLA, PE.

Model of the thermoforming machine

: TFS900

Max, sheet width

:  950 mm (+50 mm stretching)

Sheet thickness

: 0,2 mm – 2 mm

Produce height (positive)

: 140 mm

Produce height (negative)

: 140 mm

Dry-run cycle

: 60 cycles /min.(dry-run)

Max. forming mold area

: 900 x 700 mm

Clamping force of forming station

: 75.000 daN

Clamping force of Punching station

: 75.000 daN

Clamping force of cutting station

: 90.000 daN